Benefits of Membership

Not sure about joining? Here are just a few of the benefits:
  • Member-organized service projects span many different interests, including working with children, the elderly, and the homeless. We also perform AIDS outreach, sponsor community developments, spruce up schools and other community facilities, clean up parks, organize an annual Halloween Carnival in conjunction with the Boys & Girls Club, and assist in relief efforts. Additionally, we encourage members to plan events which they feel passionately about and the club will help support them.
  • You can participate in large-scale projects with the Capital District and Kiwanis International. Sometimes its difficult to help in service efforts on a regional, national, or global basis when you are volunteering as an individual. By working with both Capital District Kiwanis and Kiwanis International, we are able to come together and actively take part in outreach programs for natural disaster and terror victims across America and the world, help eliminate maternal and neonatal tetanus (MNT) from the planet, and sponsor service clubs for children.
  • Member dues help pay for Kiwanis magazines to stay up-to-date on community service news, liability insurance to protect you as an individual during projects and fundraisers, and conferences and conventions to help increase your leadership skills and networking relationships.
  • You'll have the ability to travel to attend those conferences and conventions in locations, such as Las Vegas, Hawaii, Jamaica, Canada, Europe, and many popular destinations. The Capital District hosts events everywhere from Virginia Beach to Williamsburg and from Roanoke to Baltimore, as well as some right here in the DC area. In addition to participating in events with the DCYP Kiwanis Club, you'll also be connected to the other local Kiwanis Clubs and be able to attend their socials and projects. Also, because Kiwanis spans the globe, chances are you'll be able to meet up with and be welcomed by Kiwanis Clubs no matter where you travel.
  • But most importantly, you'll be part of a group of great people who share the same interest in becoming more involved in the community and having fun while doing so!